Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Smoker Alert Level Elevated To Yellow

Due to the rapid onset of warmer outdoor temperatures in most areas today, the outdoor dirty smoker alert has been updated to yellow, or elevated.

While it is not advisable to panic during a yellow alert, all air-breathing citizens are advised to remain vigilant, and monitor your surroundings closely. Outdoor benches, free-standing planters, loose coffee cans, any space near the employee entrance of most types of commercial establishments, and possibly even some of the lesser frequented fountains (this includes both the drinking and statue types) are of increased likelihood to become gathering places for the smokers.

Take appropriate proactive steps based on your individual surroundings and circumstances to protect yourself from their infectious behaviors.

As spring draws near and outdoor conditions become increasingly more favorable, expect that the alert level could be upgraded to orange, or high, at any time, and be prepared for an announcement to this effect.

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