Thursday, March 8, 2007

Oh No, Anything But That!

"Okay, now you've done it. Now you've gone and pissed me off."

That's what I was thinking an hour ago. I really could have used a good place to vent. somebody to yell at would have been perfect. Man, was I mad.

What great injustice was served upon me, you ask? It was the food store. They don't have my sunflower seeds. Yeah, sure, they have sunflower seeds, but only the ones that have already been removed from the shell. Can you imagine how fast they'd be gone if I didn't have to play around with the shells? I'd gain a pound every two hours, not what I'm going for.

For those of you late to the party, I've alluded to the fact that sunflower seeds have been helpful as a quit smoking aid. Don't worry, I'll put out a comprehensive list once I've figured out what's actually helpful.

So I just said screw it and came home. Did I mention that we celebrated Christmas a few weeks ago? I know, it seems like a lot longer, right? Nope, only ten weeks or so. Why is this important?

Because-- lookie-lookie what we have heeyah! Six crispy chocolate Santas, that's right, a hundred and ninety grams of chocolatey, crunchity goodness, all for me. Now don't get me wrong, I don't necessarily recommend this kind of behavior for everyone. To be fair, I didn't even eat all six of them, either; There's still one lonely Santa here.

Man, he looks lonely.

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