Sunday, February 25, 2007

How am I Going to Quit Smoking?

I Need To quit smoking! My kids are going to turn out to be smokers just like me if I don't. That's my biggest motivation, and hopefully their happy, healthy little faces will be proper motivation to help me kick this habit for good this time. I thought the cost of smoking would do it, but so far that hasn't happened.

This particular addiction does a very effective job of convincing me that I enjoy it. All my friends are smokers (good thing there ain't too many, I guess), and my wife is a smoker. She is not ready to quit just yet.

Still, I'm going to try again to dig real deep and do this. I'll be using this blog as a tool, and hopefully it will become a success story. You may have taken notice that I haven't actually taken the plunge here yet, and are perhaps wondering what I'm waiting for. I'm wondering a little myself, but this smoking thing is a toughie, and after several failed attempts, I want to quit for good this time.

I've tried a few different things, including figuring out the amount of money it costs to smoke (which changes often, but is always more than the cost of my heating oil. At the time of our most recent delivery, that was $2.44/gallon) and making the new years resolution to quit smoking. I think I've tried to quit maybe three or four times, but it's always been pretty half-hearted and I have only made it longer than 24 hours one time. That was around three days.

So here's the plan: I have this blog that I've been sitting on for awhile, with one of the default templates and everything. Ick. I'm making it a project. I've already started working on a master plan to make it pretty. When I am done with the design, I'll just stop smoking with the official blog launch. Ha, I snapped my fingers just then, like somebody can hear me.

I have a real nice header image, but am having a hell of a time deciding what colors to go with. I'll post the phases as I go. Maybe if I make it a fun and challenging project, I'll be more likely to do well. Using the blogger platform is automatically a challenge, I like wordpress much better.

Anyway, it shouldn't take me more than around a week, so I should have a quit date coming soon. And a fatter wallet to go with it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

All i can say is good luck!
My toughts are with you. Im trying to quit also and it iis a nightmare!

April 5, 2011 at 4:29:00 PM EDT  

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